DoubleTake – Vision

DoubleTake – Vision Solutions is the premier provider of IT software solutions designed to protect data and minimize downtime for the modern data center. It is the only company to deliver migrations, high availability, disaster recovery, and data sharing – across multiple operating systems, on any storage platform and in any combination of physical, virtual, or cloud-based servers.



Its solutions perform near-zero downtime migration of data, applications, and systems to significantly reduce time, cost, and risk – whether it’s a move from physical to virtual servers, virtual to cloud, cloud to cloud, or cloud to ground. It achieves best-in-class migrations, HA, and DR performance through the use of real-time, byte level replication to prevent data loss, and fast recovery to secondary servers in the event of a planned or unplanned failure at the primary site. And to address the many companies that utilize multiple databases, its software enables different database platforms to seamlessly share and consolidate data in real-time for proactive, business critical decision making.