System X Servers

Versatile platforms for business-critical workloads worldwide. Built-in industry-leading reliability, power efficient designs, world-class performance.


Disk Storage Systems

Intelligent, efficient, and automated for your IT infrastructure.


IBM Disk Storage

IBM Software defined storage disk and hybrid disk and flash storage systems provide storage efficiency solutions such as Real-time Compression, automated tiering, virtualization, and thin provisioning. These storage solutions increase the data storage landscape for organizations of all sizes to boost system performance and lower IT costs.


IBM Storwize V3700

Easy-to-use, affordable hybrid storage with advanced capabilities for small and medium businesses. IBM Storwize® V3700, built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize™ software, is an entry level hybrid storage system designed with sophisticated capabilities unusual for a system of this class. It offers efficiency and flexibility through built-in thin provisioning and non-disruptive migration of data from existing storage. Built upon the innovative technology in the Storwize family, Storwize V3700 addresses block storage requirements of small and midsize organizations at an affordable price.


Tape Storage

Full range of LTO tape storage solutions including drives, autoloaders, libraries and virtual tape systems for data protection and long term retention.


Tape storage means better data economics. Long a preferred technology for data backup, tape is proving to be the ideal choice for cost-effective long term storage of unstructured data generated by big data and cloud computing. Scalability, durability, security, energy efficiency and a compellingly lower cost than disk make tape the “secret weapon” for effective long term data retention.