Leadership in Data Management and Storage

Leading organizations worldwide count on NetApp for software, systems and services to manage and store their data. It helps enterprises and service providers envision, deploy, and evolve their IT environments. NetApp storage systems offer IT efficiency, business agility, high application uptime, and simplified data management.


Flash Storage Systems

All-Flash FAS




FAS Storage Systems

FAS8000 Series

FAS2500 Series

FlexArray Storage Virtualization Software

Disk Shelves & Storage Media

Intelligent Caching: Virtual Storage Tier


E-Series Storage Systems




Manage, protect, optimize, and restore your data with a wide variety of NetApp storage software.


OnCommand Management Software

Control, automate, and analyze your shared storage infrastructure.


OnCommand System Manager

Manages individual or clustered storage systems via a browser-based interface.


OnCommand Insight

Manages your multivendor storage environment as an integrated, end-to-end service.


Data Protection Software

Safeguard your data and business-critical applications.



Provides disaster recovery protection and simplifies the management of data replication.



Delivers continuous availability, transparent failover protection, and zero data loss.



Streamlines storage management and simplifies configuration, backup, and restore operations.



Speeds and simplifies backup and data recovery, protecting data at the block level.



Uses stored Data ONTAP® Snapshot™ copies to recover anything from a single file to multi-terabyte volumes, in seconds.



Offers application-integrated enterprise data protection and clone management. Object Storage Software Achieve nonstop access to your content anytime, anywhere, across the globe.


NetApp StorageGRID

Manages large-scale repositories of images, video, and records through our enterprise gateway to the public storage cloud.